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It’s week 4 of the reality/talent television show Rock Star: Supernova (CBS). For “something different” and since music holds my interest I decided to check out this show. Last year’s Rock Star: INXS (July to September 2005) produced a new lead singer for the Australian band INXS to replace Michael Hutchense (1960-1997). Of course, the winner of that competition, J.D. Fortune, is a man who sounds and looks like Hutchense.

Supernova is a new band that is forming by Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), and Jason Newsted (Metallica). I’m not a big fan of their former groups although I do like some of their songs.

The format is that the contestants —both men and women— perform a well-known song on Tuesday and is given feedback by the band members. The television audience votes and the bottom three vote-getters have to perform again on Wednesday. The band then makes the choice of which one is to leave. David Navarro (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers) is also a judge. I'm sure that as the show progresses the contestants may be asked for some "original" songs or arrangements. Currently, I like hearing the familiar tunes.

This week Gilby Clarke, on lead guitar, joined Jill Gioia as she performed “Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones. His comments were most edifying — and I will search for a transcript of the exact quote. In his analysis he pointed out that her performance and vocals were good but when she began to “grind” it turned him off. With great passion Clarke said that "it's cheap." He explained that she did not have to use her sexuality to cheapen herself. He explained that her voice and overall “prerformance” were good enough to please. Clarke also said that she "lost him" when she started the “grinding.” These comments were quite surprising to hear from a “hard core” rock star. Signs of life and hope?

I had previously only known Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen), from Malden, Massachusetts, as a rock star to make some sensible comments that did not pander to the basest of the rock and roll genre. It will be interesting to see any response to Gilby Clarke’s comments.

Update July 27,2006:
Here are some comments from the "fan site" on Jill Gioia:

"Ok folks, was it just me or did Jill go a wee bit overboard with the bump and grind on Gilby? I like her voice, but that was painful to watch. Too desperate, and too focused on getting Gilby's attention." — Luella

"jill was embarrassing, she's a bit too old (mid-30's) for such behavior." —Suedehead

"For me, jill looked like she wanted to get attention from anyone who's watching the show, but.. she did it with a wrong person.. what gilby said made total sense, and i can guarantee, back into the house, jill's gonna be p*****.. lucky her, navarro was there to help neutralize the poison heheh.. owh well, wrong action with a wrong guy.." — River_Rooney

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